our vision

Here at Cleaning Services Direct we want to be able to offer you a cost effective cleaning service like you have never experienced before.

We want to work openly so you our customer are in control. You will know what our margins are what the cost to your service is and furthermore you can determine the level and standard of clean you require. You will be advised of advances in the way we can clean and suggestions on how we can increase our productivity and finished of with audits to show we are achieving the level of cleaning you need if not more.

Gone are the days where a cleaner turns up and charges you for 3 hours and is only there 1.

Gone are the days where you the customer has to advise the cleaning company there is a problem.

Gone are the old fashion just use a mop and bucket and a detergent to clean your site.

Join us in our quest: To clean to an exceptional level first time every time.

Lets face it the majority of cleaning companies out there are fixed in there way of cleaning. They give you a cost and charge you that week, month and year on year. They start of not knowing your site and then build up a way of working that means they can get the job done quicker and you are still billed for the priveledge
Cleaning Services Direct wants to change this we offer an adaptable solution to your needs that changes with your company. Openly you can see the costs we incur whilst cleaning your site with our expected return. If we can reduce our costs by increasing productivity we pass this back to you retaining our expected return but giving you a lower cost service

Our work team

David simcox
Compliance & Contract Director
Peter ross
Accountant / Bookkeeper
june simcox
Executive Operations Director
Chris brookfield
Marketing & Advertising Advisor
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our history

Since 1999 the management team here at Cleaning Services Direct have been managing staff to deliver a flexible tailored cleaning approach to our customers.

We were once told our business is not so much cleaning it is about managing people. This is a good emphases on what we are about. Without reliable flexible staff we would not be able to operate and with all businesses within our industry operating on a tight margin managing the right people is essential for our success.

 This with also adapting new technology that increases our productivity rate makes us able to offer not only a budget cost effective driven service but also a high quality clean that our customers have come to expect.

Whilst the directors were supervising for a cleaning company all those years ago they realised that cleaning was not really changing. New advances on cleaning were evolving for example BICS introducing colour coded cleaning and then microfibre cleaning becoming the rave but it was not until the majority of cleaning companies took this on board did the new changes happen and for the companies that were charging for labour by the hour why would they as this would decrease there sales. This was a gap in the market that the directors of Cleaning Services Direct aimed at.

The difference with us is we charge you for a service not hourly. We give you a fixed cost for the job to be done. Whilst we estimate the time that is required to do your work to arrive at a cost we do not charge you if we go over. You get a cleaning plan that describes a complete break down of the area's we will clean and when so we both know what is expected. So once your on board and you have the cleaning with us that's is right. NO. With the current financial crises a lot of businesses are now under pressure to minimise there overheads and cleaning whilst essential is a cost to your business all the same and we realise this. That's why at cleaning services direct we constantly look at ways of reducing the time on your site whilst striving to continually improve our service.

How is this possible. Quite simply the more we get to know your site the more we know traffic in any particular areas, We are able to work out better order of cleaning to minimise the travelling routes of cleaners and the work that can be done throughout the travelling of one area to another. This not only allows us to ensure all tasks are completed in a effective structured manner it also increases the performance and work morale of our staff.

We are always reviewing your costs working openly so you can see where we are able to make our savings and then do what most cleaning companies are failing to do. We pass this saving back to you. Why? This builds on the basis we set up the company and that is to offer a real enthusiastic flexible approach that improves the working conditions of hard working individuals whilst improving the service of cleaning to an industry that has been stuck in a tradition and has not changed much