Quality guaranteed contract cleaning services

Hospital / Medical Cleaning
The primary objective is patient care and staff safety. The focus is normally on the healthcare and its provision but all too often the stories that make the headlines are those that involve hygiene and cleaning routines. This is why cleaning is such a critical part of the environment in which these services are provided [...]
Commercial / office cleaning
The standard is usually based on a 5 day working week and covers working and also communal areas. In an office environment there a significant amount of refuse which is due to the nature of the office work - namely that of cardboard and paper. In addition a lot of workers now also eat at there desk creating additional refuse and need for cleanliness at the desk. [...]
Residential cleaning
We are asked if we clean domestic premises. We do clean domestic premises which require a minimum clean of 3 hours perweek. [...]
educational cleaning
Classrooms and workrooms take the majority of the cleaning activity. In these locations, the majority of the daily activities occur and must be dealt with in a careful and consistent manor. Safety as well as hygiene is essential and only a high level quality of finish will provide this. [...]
retail cleaning
From shopping malls to small shops were able to offer you the support and care you, your premises and staff need to ensure cleanliness never lets you down and you can concentrate on the thing you know best. Your business and your customers. [...]
factory / warehouse cleaning
From stripping and sealing floors to regular maintenance Cleaning Services Direct can offer you a full range of cleaning to keep your premises to the highest standards. We are able to offer you services uniquely designed for the different areas your business has. We cover all the cleaning from toilets, offices to messroom / kitchens and ensure each of these areas are cleaned to a standard you and your staff are proud off. [...]

Are you ready to experience the new way to clean?

Then setting up with us is very simple

We follow the same guidelines no matter if you are a domestic house or a hospital theatre. The guidelines below explain how we start to look after you and continue to do so once you are onboard.

You can either give us a call on 0800 0422 435 to arrange for someone to come and visit your premises to take some measurements and give you as quote or you can fill in the details online using our online quotation system.
When we have this information we will then determine a fixed price to clean your premises. We then send you the quotation for you to agree with all the relevant contract documents. Once you agree to come on board the tweaking starts
At this stage we define your areas and design a cleaning plan for you to agree. This lists all rooms with what we will do and when we will do it. This allows  you to know exactly when and what is happening on your premises. We follow this up with audits to ensure we are competing this.
Now we start cleaning and looking for ways to increase productivity on your site whilst ensuring the work is done right. This will be confirmed in our audits. We then monitor any improvements in productivity and savings. We then share this data and pass back the savings to you.
So whatever your cleaning needs rest assured that Cleaning Services Direct is set up and committed to provide you with a level of service and pride in the work it completes. That is why we are passionate about cleaning and it shows.

More services available


Do you have your own inhouse staff. Do you require training for them. We can help from COSHH through to BICS training.


Do you have a high profile area. Do you want to know if your cleaning is being done right. Do you need to monitor the level of cleanliness in your building. We can help we offer a flexible range of audits that can be tailored to your requirements. Just like a mystery guest visit we can visit sites with your authorisation and conduct cleanliness audits to ensure the standard you require is met

Cleaning Materials

Using Cleaning Equipment Direct we can provide you with a full range of cleaning materials from cloths to scrubber driers visit our link above.